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ICTALENT AWARDS - 24.05.2019

The ICTalent Awards is the competitive showcase of Fontys School of ICT! Students from all study programs are being given the chance to show their best work to teachers, media, Partners in Education, fellow-students and parents.

ICTalent Award is leading, innovative and is always looking for a new challenge. It offers inspiration and induces the sharing of knowledge between students from various fields of study, but also between students and the companies of the Brainport regio. Beautiful and innovative projects are being realised at the Fontys School of ICT and we can be proud of them.

14.00: Welcome visitors
14.15 - 15.00: ICTalent Markt
15.15 - 17.00: ICTalent Awards
17.00 - 18.00: Drinks 
18.00: End of event 

1 Qualifying rounds

29.01.2019  Tilburg

31.01.2019  Eindhoven

08.04.2019  Tilburg

10.04.2019  Eindhoven

2 Semi Final

17.04.2019 Eindhoven (Strijp)

3 Final

24.05.2019 Eindhoven (Effenaar)

“Sharing our pride is paramount during the ICTalent Awards”

The qualification rounds will be held in January (29 and 31 January 2019) and April (8 and 10 April). From these rounds, the best participants will be selected for the semi-final on April 17 at our location at Strijp TQ. The best 8 candidates make it to the final at De Effenaar!

The participants of the ICTalent Awards have to convince the audience during the final at The Effenaar and gather as many votes for their product as they can. Do they succeed? In that case they will come face to face in the "last battle", before an expert jury. The winner will take the ICTalent Award home and receives a cheque worth of 2000 euro per person so as to be able to further work out their talent or the product. Besides that, there is also the Audience Award 2019 and the Exposure Award 2019.

Teaser ICTalent Awards 2019

Enjoy the teaser ICTalent Awards 2019! 


Latest news

Exposure Award 2019 in collaboration with Greenhouse 03/05/2019

On Friday 24 May, the big final of the ICTalent Awards will be held in "De Effenaar". The winners will go home with a voucher valued at EUR 2000 per person. The 2019 Audience Award will also be decided. This year, for the first time ever, we will also be awarding the 2019 Exposure Award. This award will be presented by Greenhouse (one of the Partners in Education of Fontys ICT University) to the participant that has managed to create the best online exposure for the product in the weeks leading up to the event.

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