ICTalent 2019

Winner ICTalent 2019 – BiZi

BiZi is a smart navigation system. It is a product of two parts: handles and a mobile application. The app serves to connect to the handles, to determine the destination and to start the journey. The handles receive turn-by-turn directions and converts these into vibrations. If you have to turn left, the left handle will vibrate, and the same goes for the right handle.

It all started with the problem. We discovered that the existing navigation systems were not practical whilst cycling. Our solution does not include a screen or sound to follow the directions, but uses vibration instead, so that the user can fully focus on the road and reaching the destination." - BiZi

“"We discovered that the existing navigation systems were not practical whilst cycling."”

Publieksprijs – Sparky 

"Our product Sparky is designed for children between 3 and 6 years old. Sparky teaches children of this age to improve their breathing techniques by means of various exercises/mini games in the game itself. These exercises are done with the use of a spirometer and by completing these exercises we want children to be able to have enough control over their breathing to allow them to carry out a lung function test. With this in mind, we want you to be able to practise breathing training at home more easily, we want fewer hospital visits and for the children to feel better because of the training they do." - Sparky 

Exposure Award – Ability

"Our product, Ability, can best be described as a constantly available voice assistant, using Google Assistant or Siri, which makes banking accessible when you are unable to use the regular app yourself. You can use the voice function allowing you to make use of all the standard features of your typical banking app. This assistant is mainly aimed at the blind and/or partially sighted, however it can also be used by those whom for whatever reason, are unable to use their personal regular banking app." - Ability