ICTalent 2018

Winner ICTalent 2018 – RetireME

Fontys ICT students Sebastiaan Verdonk (4-year ICT & Cyber ​​Security & Business), Toon van Strijp (1st-year ICT & Software Engineering) and Jordy Vonk (4th-year ICT & Business) came up with RetireMe: an awareness platform for millennial awareness about their retirement. The platform uses blockchain to guarantee scalability and transparency. This is important, for example, for pension funds that must be able to prove that the money they actually hold is what they say they have.

"By means of microtransactions we multiply the touch points to increase awareness. We use a simple and appealing usecase of deposit money on plastic bottles. This usecase enables us to explain millennials in a low-threshold way that one euro deposit is worth 15 euros when they retire 40 years later. Practically, we achieve this through an app that lets you scan the deposit receipts and see what the value is when you retire" - according to the ICTalent Awards 2018 winners.

“RetireMe is an awareness platform to increase awareness about pensions for millennials”

Audience Award - CPVR

"Our product is a tool, which is design to training people CPR in stressful situations. We have combined a real manikin with Virtual reality devices (such as HTC VIVE+VIVE trackers, Manus gloves) in order to bring CPR training to the next level. The participant can put on virtual reality devices and will be put into the virtual world where he/she has to perform CPR under stressful conditions. These scenes can vary from a car crash to being stuck on mountain Everest. While the participant is in the scene, the teacher can monitor the activity and trigger additional stressful actions such as ambulance siren, rain, people screaming and many more."


Beautiful projects in the spotlight

The organization looks back with a very satisfied feeling on the 6th edition of the ICTalent Awards. Maartje van Hees explains: "In 2013 the first edition was organized in the auditorium of R5 on our own campus. In 2018 we are in the Effenaar and our talents shine on stage. Each and every one of them pitch their idea with pride and self-assurance. They have been selected from various preliminary rounds, after which they have attended a masterclass pitching, among other things. It is great to see how they have develped themselves in those weeks. You can only be proud of that! Beautiful projects that are being realized at Fontys Hogeschool ICT are literally getting a spot in the spotlight."