ICTalent 2017

Winner ICTalent – Quantified Student

“We created a dashboard (app) based on a lot of students’ personal data and public data which can be employed to give students personalized advice on how to maximize their student life and study performance. My heartbeat was almost 130 just before the outcome. It was super exciting. When they suddenly call your name, that is amazing! We truly believe Quantified Student will change the way people look at education. With this attention we can realise our vision: in 2021 each student at Fontys will use Quantified Student.” – Bram Snoek

Quantified Student consists of: 

Sjoerd Heijligers (Project leader & Software Engineer),
Bram Snoek (on the poster on the left side; Software Engineer),
Ferry Jongmans (on the poster on the right side; Software Engineer),
Gaston Muijtjens (Software Engineer),
Elviro Pereira (Software Engineer),
Gasten Sauzande (Software Engineer)


“We truly believe Quantified Student will change the way people look at education”

Audience Award – B-Magister

Our product is a low-cost braille display that is powered by web services. Our idea will have a huge impact in developing countries, where visually impaired don’t have access to education. Winning the audience award was amazing! I cannot describe my feelings right now…” - Youssef Elshafay

Viral Award – RuXup

RuxUp is an application developed to change the way adventurers travel. RuxUp provide valuable services to its target group (travellers).These services are missing in the existing applications on the market.” - Radu-Alexandru Stoica