ICTalent 2016

Winnaar ICTalent – Educational Escape Experience

“An escaperoom that teaches new students the principles of cyber security, they can learn the most important lessons in a fun way. Nerve wrecking. The nerves don’t stop after the pitch. Only after the final decision of the jury. I believed in the power of our idea. Very happy!”   Project manager Louis van Zijst

“I believed in the power of our idea. Very happy!”

Audience Award – Moodbear

“Moodbear teaches children in a playful way to save energy. Because of various coloured lights from the belly of the bear. If energy is wasted, the colour of the light changes. Children will know if the door of the refrigerator is left open, for instance. They will become very conscious about the environment and wasting energy. An unforgettable experience”. Jort Polderdijk

Viral Award – Siemie & Koko

“Siemie & Koko is an application for kids aged between 4 and 8. If they are hospitalised the application takes away fear and provides playtime with adventures and games. Siemie and Koko are the lead characters. Siemie is a boy from the hospital, Koko is a parrot. Together you can have adventures, in which social media will be integrated.” Daisy Ambaum