Name project group: Trashine 

Project group members

  • Jesper de Wilde
  • Steyn van der Heijden

Study year: 1

Study route: Startsemester

Location: Tilburg 

“We must save our planet and the Trashine is a big step in the right direction”

Why did you decide to register for the preliminary rounds of the 2019 ICTalent Awards?
We came to the conclusion that we had an idea that would improve the world. With the ICTalent coming up, we knew that we couldn't allow the opportunity to put the Transhine on the map to pass us by.

How would you best describe your product? What is it capable of? What does it do?
Put briefly, it is an automatic waste separator. It recognises the products that you throw into your garbage bin and automatically sorts into PMD, GFT (organic) and residual waste. This means the people will no longer have to worry about separating waste. It not only makes separating waste easier and faster, but it also makes it more attractive.

What makes your product so unique?
What makes our product so unique is that everything becomes fully automatic thanks to a form of machine learning. The machine gets smarter with every bit of waste it processes. We also want to make Trashine available for everyone. With a price that is comparable to a regular garbage bin and a compact end product, we can ensure that it will available and usable for everyone.

Why should you win the 2019 ICTalent Awards?
The environment is an ever-growing societal concern. We all know something must be done to save our planet. But, actually taking action seems to be a big step for many people. It often costs a lot of time, money and effort to adapt our habits in order to preserve our environment. We make this step smaller by providing waste separation that is easier and available for everyone. This will enable us to recycle more waste and stop exhausting the earth's natural resources. We must save our planet and the Trashine is big step in the right direction.

Suppose you win the main prize of EUR 2000 per person. How will you use that money to further develop your product and talents?
We both feel a small hardware update is required. This will enable our computers to make improvements to the code. As far as the Trashine is concerned, a collaboration with a firm is the most likely next step. That will make it easier to reach a large audience and make the product perfect.

And... is there anything you wish to say to your competitors? 
Lots of luck, and above all, have fun! This is an opportunity that probably won't come around too often and it has been a super cool experience! We have seen many good ideas so far - may the best idea win. (Save the world, vote Trashine!)