Name project group: Ruby 

Project group members

  • Lian Vervoort
  • Kai Rennenberg

Study year:

Study route: ICT & Media Design / ICT & Digital Publishing

Location: Eindhoven 

“Ruby can offer people with a slight mental disability a better quality of life”

Why did you decide to register for the preliminary rounds of the 2019 ICTalent Awards?
Ruby offers great potential to help people, and we wanted to show this to a wider audience. And the ICTalent Award is a platform for this.

How would you best describe your product? What is it capable of? What does it do?
Ruby is a digital assistant & buddy that helps people with a slight mental disability to have more control over their lives.

What makes your product so unique?
Ruby can applied to the care that clients need. Every client needs special care and a good user experience is often lacking for these people.

Why should you win the 2019 ICTalent Awards?
Because Ruby can offer people with a slight mental disability a better quality of life.

Suppose you win the main prize of EUR 2000 per person. How will you use that money to further develop your product and talents?
Lian: "I'm going to use the money to further my education, and I will also put some aside for my future plans; this includes starting my own company with Kai!"
Kai: "What Lian says, pay my school debts and set some aside to start a company."

And... is there anything you wish to say to your competitors? 
Good luck to all!