Name project group: BikeShift 

Project group members

  • Ferry Jongmans
  • Skip Geldens
  • Rick van Schijndel
  • Sjoerd Heijligers

Study year:

Study route: ICT & Software Engineering / ICT & Open Innovation

Location: Eindhoven 

“Government bodies and bike sharing companies directly benefit from our platform!”

What was the reason for you to apply for the preliminary rounds of ICTalent 2019?
We worked hard on our prototype, made contact with companies/local authorities and supplied a great product that is pilot ready. We would like to show this to the rest. And with ICTalent we also hope to further expand our current network.

What is the best way to describe your product? What can it do? What does it do?
With our product we can efficiently compile data about a city. We do this through a data module on a bike. This module records data when cycling, also when it’s parked. The data module is now the means of receiving data. Our actual product is the data we sell. Government bodies and bike sharing companies directly benefit from our platform. (Data for infrastructure improvement and for bike sharing companies to gain insight into bike use. This helps the latter target group generate a lot of data for the other target groups).

What makes your product so unique?
We are developing a module that can determine location, height, temperature, air humidity and speed as well as air quality (which makes it a health and liveability innovation). We can do this cheaply and energy efficiently. We make this data available to other interested parties via our platform. Naturally this is anonymised. There are currently many parties with an interest in our platform.

Why should you win the 2019 ICTalent Awards?
It would be really cool to turn BikeShift into a start-up after graduation. We would like to use the money for the further development of the product. As the focus was mainly on hardware, we would like to make the software platform more stable and expand it with new (integration) options.

Say you win the main prize of 2000 euro per person. How will you use this money to further develop your products or talents?
As I said previously, it would be great to turn BikeShift into a start-up. With this we can continue our ambitions to develop into a platform after our studies.

And…would you like to say anything to the competition? 
Of course we wish everyone good luck, it’s very exciting to have to speak to a full house.