Beat The Laser

Name project group: Beat The Laser 

Project group members

  • Bart Mennen
  • Bas van der Horst
  • Thijs Drykoningen

Study year: 3

Study route: ICT & Media Design

Location: Eindhoven 

“Beat the Laser is the only project that lets the audience participate as a group in a super cool interactive game!”

What was the reason for you to apply for the preliminary rounds of ICTalent 2019?
We presented a wonderful project for Glow 2018, Beat the Laser. We want to raise this project to a higher level through the ICTalent awards and show that this project is much more than a light activity at Glow!

What is the best way to describe your product? What can it do? What does it do?
Beat the Laser is an interactive game that offers a complete light and sound experience. By following the pattern of the lasers together with others, you can beat the lasers in a musical way.

What makes your product so unique?
Beat the Laser is one of the few projects at light festivals that are this interactive. In addition, it’s the only project that lets the audience participate as a group in a super cool interactive game!

Why would you win the 2019 ICTalent Awards?
Beat the Laser is unique, and a proved solution for interaction at light festivals. With more than 100,000 visitors, 4,000 players and 450 rounds played in just one week. In addition, we received plenty of positive feedback, and we have noticed that there is real demand for this design.

Say, you win the main prize of 2000 euro per person. How will you use this money to further develop your product or talents?
Beat the Laser works, but it’s still a prototype. With the main prize we could further develop the current concept of Beat the Laser, but also see how we can express this technology in different ways.

And…would you like to say anything to the competition? 
Did your product already have 100,000 visitors?