Winner ICTalent Award 2018: RetireMe


On Tuesday 29 May, Fontys School of ICT held the sixth edition of the ICTalent Awards. The Rachelsmolen campus was this time been replaced by ‘De Effenaar’ pop stage. A total of 8 participants pitched their best ideas to an enthusiastic (international) audience comprised of various businesses, employees, students and proud family members in a sold-out hall. The “RetireMe” project group ultimately won the main prize of EUR 5000. The 400 attendees chose “CPVR” as their favourite. They are the proud winners of the Audience Award. 

RetireMe creates awareness about pensions among millennials 
Fontys ICT students Sebastiaan Verdonk (4th-year student of ICT & Cyber Security & Business) and Toon van Stijp (1st-year student of ICT & Software Engineering) and Jordy Vonk (4th-year student of ICT & Business) conceived the idea for RetireMe: an awareness platform to make millennials think about their pensions. The platform utilises blockchain to guarantee scalability and transparency. This is important for, among others, the pension funds which must be able to demonstrate that they actually have the money they are supposed to have. 

“By way of micro-transactions, we can multiply the touch points to enhance awareness. We use a simple and evocative use case of deposit money for plastic bottles. With this use case, we can explain in a manner that is easy to comprehend for millennials that EUR 1 in deposit money is worth EUR 15 when you retire 40 years later. In practice, we do this via an app with which you scan the deposit receipts and see what the value is when you retire,” say the winners of the 2018 ICTalent Awards. 

What is unique about this winning team is that it consists of a range of talent: from 1st-year students to 4th-year students from different areas of study. A truly unique phenomenon at the ICTalent Awards according to project leader Maartje van Hees. 

Not just technology, but also social issues 
After a thrilling final, the jury chairman Hank van der Put (CEO Acknowledge) announced the winners. He was joined on the jury by Carlo Korssen (CEO Indicia) and Arien Kingma (CEO Brand Encounters). Hank explains further: “It was immediately apparent that the technical people not only thought about the technology, but they also clearly considered the social issues involved. Various disciplines come together at the ICTalent Awards, both the business world and students. This means multi-disciplinary partnerships occur. Eager young people who tackle new ideas together.” 

Sebastiaan Verdonk pitched the idea to the jury and answered their questions during the final. “Awesome! Really fantastic! I was not sure if it would work, but once I had answered the questions from the jury during the final, I though... yes, we going to win!  Tieme Goedendorp was also on stage on behalf of CPVR. “I’m really happy! Normally I’m never nervous, but when you stand there it kind of hits you in the face.” 

Spotlighting great projects 
The organisation is most pleased when they look back at the 6th edition of the ICTalent Awards. Maartje van Hees explains: “In 2013, the first edition was held in the auditorium of R5 on our own campus. In 2018, we are in the spotlights on stage in ‘De Effenaar’. Every single participant was proud and confident while pitching their ideas. They were selected during the preliminary rounds and they were then given a masterclass in giving a pitch. There was a whole preliminary process involved. It’s great to see how they have grown over those weeks. You can only be very proud of that! This way, these great Fontys ICT University projects literally get their moment in the spotlight.” 

ICTalent Awards 
ICTalent Awards is the premiere competitive showcase of Fontys ICT University. Students from all study areas are given the opportunity to show their best work. The ICTalent Award is a pioneering and innovative award that aims to push the envelope. It offers inspiration and enables students from different study areas to share their knowledge. In the Fontys HBO-ICT programme, innovative projects are realised which we can really be proud of. Sharing that pride is also the main theme of the ICTalent Awards. What’s more, there is much demand in the business world for entrepreneurial students: students who dare to innovate. ICTalent Awards is the ideal way to demonstrate that talent. 

You can watch the after-movie  here .