Wanted: projects and innovative ideas for preliminaries ICTalent 2020


At 27 January (Tilburg), 5 February (Eindhoven), 6 April (Tilburg), 7 April (Eindhoven) 2020 Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT organizes the preliminaries for the 8th edition ICTalent Awards at 27th of May 2020! All students of FHICT (full-time, part-time, English stream and from 1st to 4th year students) are invited to take part, presenting a cool project, a unique idea or an innovative concept. Many incredible products are developed, and exciting concepts are devised. The ICTalent Awards literally offers a platform to share this knowledge with each other and the outside world. 

The best participants will be selected from these preliminaries for the semi-final which will take place at our Eindhoven Strijp TQ location at 15th of April 2020. Ultimately, the best 8 candidates will make it to the finals at 27th of May 2020 in Theaters Tilburg! The ICTalent Awards finalists must convince the public and the jury of the power of their idea and their working prototype. After all the Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT students are trained to build prototypes. The winner leaves with the ICTalent Award and receives a well-earned voucher worth 2000 euros per person which will contribute to the further development of the talent or product, possibly leading to starting a new business.

But before that, they will have to convince the jury during one of the preliminaries with a 2-minute pitch. 

Interested? Then sign up now! Visit the website for more info. Queries? Mail to ICTalent@fontys.nl