Seventh edition ICTalent Awards 24th of May at De Effenaar


On Friday 24 May 2019 Fontys ICT University organises the seventh edition of the ICTalent Awards.We are proud to announce that this again be held in ‘De Effenaar.' The ICTalent Awards is the competitive showcase of Fontys School of ICT. Students from all study areas are given the opportunity to display their best work by way of 2-minute pitches to employees, the work field, the regional media, fellow students and family. The winner receives a gift voucher valued at EUR 2000 (per project member). 

Part of FHICT Day
This past year, the ICTalent Awards is part of the FHICT-Day. This event (wherein the sharing knowledge, pride, inspiration and success is the theme) was held on 29 May 2018 for the first time. In 2019, the second edition of the FHICT-Day has been organised, whereby the final of the ICTalent Awards will be held in the big hall. 

Sharing knowledge and inspiration 
 “It is, of course, fantastic to be able to hold the final of the ICTalent Awards in ‘De Effenaar’. It is so great to see the students beam with pride as they pitch their ideas to a packed hall full of employees, fellow students, parents and, of course the work field, our partners in Education. Various kinds of terrific projects are developed at FHICT. ICTalent is way to share that knowledge and inspiration. Both internally as well as with the outside world in the Brainport region. In addition, it is, of course, the ultimate opportunity for the work field to come into contact with the ICT students,” explains Maartje van Hees, project leader of the ICTalent Awards.

Preliminary rounds and semi-final
Students from all study areas can apply for the preliminary rounds. These were held in January (29 and 31) and in April (9 and 10) at the R1 Eindhoven and P2 Tilburg locations. A jury shall make selection of who will go on to the semi-final. This is a new element and shall be organised at ‘Strijp TQ’. The semi-final will feature the best eight contestants for the final which will take place in ‘De Effenaar’ on 24 May 2019. There, they will come face-to-face with each other and will have to convince the public of the viability of their ideas via a 2-minute pitch. The three participants with the most votes will compete during the last battle. In this battle, they will be face critical examination. A professional jury will ultimately decide who will be the winner of ICTalent 2019 and goes home with the gift voucher valued at EUR 2000 per project member. 

If you would you like more information watch the various video productionsof past editions. The online registration form can be found here.