De Effenaar at Eindhoven location 6th edition ICTalent Awards 19/01/2018 On Tuesday 29th of May, Fontys Hogeschool ICT will organize the 6th edition of the ICTalent Awards. We are proud to announce that we are leaving campus Rachelsmolen this year and have found a unique location in the center of Eindhoven: De Effenaar! Read more
Guardian in the race for Fontys Denk Groter Award 27/06/2017 Ten students and ten employees will eventually stay in the race after a first selection from all entries by the jury. No less than 5 cadidates from Fontys Hogeschool ICT have been selected. One of them is ICTalent-contestant Guardian. Read more
ICTalent-participant FRAME popular at festivals & events 26/06/2017 Thursday 18 May FRAME was one of the participants in the ICTalent Awards, the competitive showcase at Fontys School of ICT. FRAME developed a unique camera: the pictures conjure up a 3D illusion by using not just one, but rather four (!) cameras, in the form of a GIF or a video-format. This allows them to capture moments in a way no-one has before. It enables FRAME to shoot unique pictures. Various festivals and events are currently lining up to get a hold of this special concept. Time for an in-depth interview with project leader Tom Hartogs, student at Fontys School of ICT. Read more