Wanted: projects and innovative ideas for preliminaries ICTalent 2020 17/12/2019 At 27 January (Tilburg), 5 February (Eindhoven), 6 April (Tilburg), 7 April (Eindhoven) 2020 Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT organizes the preliminaries for the 8th edition ICTalent Awards at 27th of May 2020! All students of FHICT (full-time, part-time, English stream and from 1st to 4th year students) are invited to take part, presenting a cool project, a unique idea or an innovative concept. Many incredible products are developed, and exciting concepts are devised. The ICTalent Awards literally offers a platform to share this knowledge with each other and the outside world. Read more
Winner ICTalent Awards 2019: BiZi 25/05/2019 On Friday 24 May 2019, the grand finale of the ICTalent Awards 2019 took place in the Effenaar, organized by Fontys Hogeschool ICT. A total of eight participants showed their working prototypes at the ICTalent Market and then gave a 2-minute pitch on stage in the main hall. The three project groups with the most votes from the present companies went on to the "Last Battle." They were critically questioned by an expert jury consisting of Bart Lamot, Hanny van Hout and Daan Schoofs. The jury elected "BiZi," 2nd-year international ICT students, to be the winner of the ICTalent Awards 2019. They went home with 2,000 euros per person. BiZi came up with a solution for a typical Dutch problem: a unique navigation system for cyclists. Read more
Michael Diederich hosts the 2019 ICTalent Awards 22/05/2019 The 7th edition of the ICTalent Awards will be held in De Effenaar on Friday 24 May 2019. We are proud to report that Michael Diederich will be hosting the event for the fourth time. With his enthusiasm and energy he will see to a spectacular show, full of humour and speed. And the students? He knows them quite well now. He gave all participants a pitching masterclass before the event. Time for an interview with this enthusiastic presenter… Read more