Michael Diederich hosts the 2019 ICTalent Awards


The 7thedition of the ICTalent Awards will be held in De Effenaar on Friday 24 May 2019. We are proud to report that Michael Diederich will be hosting the event for the fourth time. With his enthusiasm and energy he will see to a spectacular show, full of humour and speed. And the students? He knows them quite well now. He gave all participants a pitching masterclass before the event. Time for an interview with this enthusiastic presenter… 


You are now the presenter of the ICTalent Awards for the fourth time. Why are they always asking you back do you think? 
Well, you should ask the organisers! But, without blowing my own trumpet too much… I’m professional, well-prepared, can keep the programme on schedule, can fill the time when something goes wrong, can keep it interesting and I have good contact with the students, organisation, technical team and the audience!

Wat is your strength as a host?
Well, apart from what I mentioned before, I’m originally English-speaking so it’s easy for me to present in English. Because of my years as an improviser at Boom Chicago people find me quite funny and I can be witty when necessary. I give the audience enthusiasm and energy, which is why I get it back! Plus I enjoy doing it!

How do you feel about the ICTalent Awards in general?
It’s great! I love the "Dragons Den/Shark Tank" feeling – students come up with brilliant ideas every year. Some are funny, some are handy and there’s sometimes an idea of which you think: this is going to make the world a better place. I’m actually still in touch with several students of previous years as I’m curious to find out how they are doing. 

How about the pitches of our ICT students?
Pretty good. People are still afraid of public speaking. But if you believe in your idea and show your passion, you’re on the right path!

What are the main tips you give them during your pitch training?
Make contact with the audience. Use your 2 minutes to the best of your ability! Don’t waste your time with extra words. And you don’t have to say EVERYTHING. All you have to do is convince me that it’s a wonderful idea; then I want to find out more. Volume (I need to be able to hear you) and pace (not too quick! People sometimes try to bring 3 minutes of text in 2 minutes by reading QUICKLY...no one will listen). People are moved by emotion. Show your passion! And be yourself!