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From the 15th until the 20th of May 2017 the sixth edition of the Dutch Technology Week (DTW) will take place. During this week the most amazing and innovative technology stories will be told. A perfect opportunity to show from the Brainport Eindhoven Region (the smartest region in the world!) how good we are in high-tech. The organization is in the hands of Brainport Development. Together with numerous national and international partners, the high-tech industry is put on the map. ICTalent Awards is also one of these proud partners.

Dutch Technology Week
The high-tech industry delivers a lot of great performances, and we are very proud of that! To share this pride companies, government, and knowledge institutes work together for a week full of technological surprises. During the DTW everyone can see, feel and experience how promising and stimulating it is to contribute to inventions that change the world.

ICTalent Awards eventpartner DTW
It is a great opportunity to be an eventpartner of the DTW with the competitive showcase of Fontys School of ICT: the ICTalent Awards. This event suits perfect with the mission and goals of the DTW. DTW want to promote enthusiasm and pride for technology and thereby strengthen the Dutch high-tech sector. This by creating awareness that entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, creativity and thinking power are essential for this sector.








“During the ICTalent Awards we want to give everyone the chance to see and experience what kind of beautiful things our ICT-students have created during their study. The feeling of proud sharing with each other, that is what is all about. The theme of DTW “Technology Connect” also fits perfectly with the ICTalent Awards: technology literally connects different people with different backgrounds, all sharing the same passion for ICT and technology. Besides that, also the products of the participants at the ICTalent Awards show that technology connects everything and everyone around us.” – Maartje van Hees, project leader ICTalent Awards Fontys School of ICT.

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