First applications qualification rounds ICTalent Awards 2018


Tuesday the 29th of May the 6th edition of the ICTalent Awards in De Effenaar will be organized! Before that, there are several qualification rounds, both in February and April. The first registrations are now coming in! Here is an overview:

  • What's in the Box: Diego van Loenen, Britt van der Knaap, Bram City, Tim van Oudheusden, Luoxin Luo. 1st year students from Tilburg.
  • TBA: Habon Ileye. 4th year student English Stream.
  • Hive: Nikolay Pelov, Kaloyan Ivanov, Ivan Ivan Stoilchev, Veselin Slavchev, Yasen Georgiev. 3rd year student English Stream.
  • CPVR: Semme de Loor, Tieme Goedendorp, Arthur Zaitcev. 3rd year students Virtual Reality Minor.
  • Elite: Shristy Karki, 4th year student English Stream.

During the qualification round the students will pitch their idea in max. 2 minutes. They will have to convince the jury by means of various criteria. Do they come through the qualification round? Then they may participate in the ICTalent Awards on 29th of May! They have a chance of winning the main prize of 5000 euro per group, coming into contact with about 92 ICT companies and receiving support on entrepreneurship.

Participate in preliminary round
Do you want to participate too? Then register NOW via the online registration form on the website.

Students, a lot of success!