5 participants selected during the 2nd qualification round


On Thursday the 20th of April it was time for the 2nd qualification round of the ICTalent Awards. The participants attempted to convince the jury of the power of their product/idea by a 2-minute-pitch. Eventually, 5 participants were selected to battle during the ICTalent Awards at the 18th of May.


“We created A lenticular (multilens/multisensor) camera that is capable of combining multiple pictures, to give the illusion of seeing someone or an object in 3D. Example pictures can be found on: www.bldbs.nl”


“Creating an online community and platform for people that are visually impaired to support, perform daily activities like their visually capable counterparts with the help of technologies.
we as a society and engineers have neglected the issue of visually impaired individuals and their needs for quite a well. it's our responsibility to try to provide services and solution just we do with healthy individuals.”

Art of Data:

"A revolutionary new way to store, safeguard and move data. For years we have been saving data on hard disks and optical media. Art of Data changes the way we share and store data and creates new and interactive ways to browse through your data. Information can now be stored on any object, anywhere. Your imagination is the limit, with Art of Data storage technology."


“With all the different cab company's and self-employed taxi drivers and also the new uber service, the market is getting unclear for customers and drivers. My app is going to compare a lot of different competitors in an easy way for the users. Also it will give the waiting cabs at the station more customers which make them work more and wait less.”


“Guardian is a robot who you can talk to anonymously. The bot is programmed to get the conversation started. In addition the bot can also be controlled by someone from a charity. To visualize the bot, Guardian uses friendly faces of real people. While staying anonymous and taking small steps you can share your stories. Guardian focuses on children aged between 8 to 18.”

They will participate at the ICTalent Awards together with Quantified Student, Happy Coder and ruXup.