Daan Schoofs

Briefly introduce yourself: who are you and where are you currently working?
My name is Daan Schoofs and I’m one of the founders of DUODEKA. We are a venture builder for SMEs. Realising and marketing digital concepts is therefore a daily activity for us.  

What are you expecting of the ICTalent Awards in general?
After having listened to young talent for an afternoon, I expect to return home inspired and challenged. 

What is your expectation of the pitches?
Apart from inspiring concepts, I expect to see a sense of reality among the students. Technology is a hype market, where terms like Blockchain and AI are being used all the time. Dreaming is free, but reality is key. 

What will you focus special attention on? What do you find important?
Feasibility. Are the students capable of having a realistic view of the steps that are required to enable the large-scale adoption of a digital concept? 

And…do you secretly have a preference yet?
No, I am attending without prejudice. 

“I expect to return home inspired and challenged!”