Bart Lamot

Briefly introduce yourself: who are you and where are you currently working?
I’m Bart Lamot and I have been working on innovation at ICT Group as innovations director for five years now. There are currently 28 graduation projects here that are all producing a proof of concept and are researching various uses and technologies. What’s so nice about this is that we are learning just as much as the students. 

What are you expecting of the ICTalent Awards in general?
I’m expecting to see a combination of entrepreneurship and creativity. The best solutions are found by looking at the world differently and I want to be captivated by the products the teams have come up with.

What is your expectation of the pitches?
Goosebumps, a smile that cannot be repressed and a longing to join the teams is what I hope and expect. We’ve seen some nice pitches at the semi-finals and were also able to give a lot of feedback. I assume that all teams took the next step and are ready for the future.

What will you focus special attention on? What do you find important?
They were able to practise the pitch several times and could work on the prototype in many cases. I will view these pitches with the eyes of an investor. Would the pitch work as a Kickstarter project, does it give me the feeling that I just have to have it and do I believe that it can and will be realised? Especially the latter is important.

And…do you secretly have a preference yet?
There are a number of projects that surprised me at the semi-finals. Projects I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen in advance that did convince me during the pitches. So I have expectations, but I might be amazed by all teams and I’m ready.


“Goosebumps, a smile that cannot be repressed and a longing to join the teams is what I hope and expect”