Headerimage Selection Criteria Fontys ICTalent

Selection Criteria


  • Persuasive
  • Authenticity
  • Distinguishing
  • Working prototype (you have to show a working prototype at least one week before the event, 20th of May 2020.) 

Who can take part?

Every student of Fontys Hogeschool ICT can sign up. From 1st to 4th year students, both full-time and part-time students, as well as English Stream students. A student can sign up together with a project group but also individually or as a duo etc. Max. 6 project members per group.

Note! Every student may take part in the event with a max. of one group. It is not possible to participate in multiple groups. 

Why would you participate?

  • Grand prize of 2000 euros per person (max. 6 persons per group). 
  • Audience Award and Exposure Award
  • Getting in touch with the Partners in Education from Fontys School of ICT (approx. 100 companies).
  • It looks terrific on your resume
  • For every contestant a professional video is made by an external video company
  • For all the semi finalists a pitch-training by an expert 
  • Attention in local press
  • Challenge yourself
  • And it is of course an unforgettable and unique experience

What kind of projects are eligible?

You can take part in the contest with a project, internship or graduation assignment. Other individual assignments that were realised during the study programme are also welcome.

What are my rights as a contestant and my product?

Here article 39 paragraph 4 of the Student Charter of Fontys applies. It follows that the copyright on the by the students during their education made products belongs to the student. Only if the contestant uses the name Fontys, indicates that he or she studies at Fontys or mentions his or her product won first prize at the ICTalent Awards, permission has to be asked from Fontys.